Technology Advances Sport Uniforms

Technology advancing sport uniform

Nike has now created a new way to look at uniforms through the eyes of technological advancements. Nike’s Vapour basketball uniforms, the new and improved sport garment war, imposes a new order on the court by pairing innovative knit shorts and jerseys, including Nike AeroSwift technology which offers advanced foundation layers, such as the reversible singlet, to minimize game-time distractions and maximize performance. This new technology is a major advancement for Nike, as it’s a huge game changer for any player on the court.

The new system is anchored for basketball specific base layer options, such as arm sleeves, padded compression equipment and knee sleeves, which collectively wick perspiration from the skin, giving a sense of protection and compression, and maintaining the players’ arms and legs warm off-court. This high tech design is proven to be the best technical uniform ever designed by Nike, and other sporting groups. Made to interact with the wearer, but not to cling and get in the way, the lightweight, tailored jersey features stretch knit with engineered mesh according to sports extensive sweat-mapping studies. The brief also introduces a “FlyVent” waistband that addresses the distress of conventional basketball waistbands by the means of a new manufacturing process, that combines two kinds of knit mesh into a highly protected, breathable band. This is can be seen to be similar to that of Nike’s engineered knit mesh basketball singlet at the back and a hydrophobic four way stretch woven cloth in the front design. Moreover, the front of the shorts includes a freedom vent. Placed especially where basketball players need it most, according to their five important movements, it shows a flash of tights as athletes proceed. Customers are happier with this design, as it makes it easier for them during a sporting game. And we can relate to that, as the result for this garment is a 35 percent more breathable apparel compared to that worn in 2012 made by Nike and other sport wear companies.

Moving down the body, designers further reduced diversion with the Nike Elite Versatility basketball sock. A 360-degree ankle-support system, dynamic arch compression, anatomical design and footpad cushioning increase the comfort and locked-in texture of this sock, while Dri-FIT fabric wicks away moisture and increases breathability, the latest technology for basketball sportswear.

Nike Vapor kits using AeroSwift technologies, have given advances to uniform which we have not ever seen before. Women’s kits require fit to another level with two different jersey and short silhouettes that, no matter their pairing, create a consistent group look; Nike has offered this. Produced in direct response to athlete penetration, one jersey features a typical armhole whereas another features a bigger one, allowing for a selection of athletes to locate their perfect fit. Female players are then able to pick between two pairs of shorts; one pair with conventional waistband positioning and one pair with a shorter rise, for people who prefer to wear their shorts in their hips.

National teams, including United States, Brazil, Spain, and China, has now been introduced to Nike’s Vapor Basketball Uniforms with AeroSwift technologies for this year. Each uniform’s respective aesthetic captures the power of Rio and Brazil’s dramatic nature through the frequent theme of burst, vibrant colour, which extends the respective country’s national palette with rich saturated colors and vibrant neons. Individual details show each country’s history and culture at the exact same time iridescent net numbers and titles, which appear and disappear as athletes proceed, take inspiration from beetle wings. Nike’s expertise within technology has made some major uniform advancements for many sport players throughout the world, offering new and exciting changes which has been helped with the ever changing technological world.