Cool Tech Tools for your Kitchen

A top chef could whip up a memorable meal using not much more than a fantastic knife and an adequate set of pans. For the rest of us, there is no doubt in needing some help.

Technology has become a dominant part of the kitchen for a long time. More familiar the blender and food processor, as well as the oven, are necessities as well as the latest advancements in gadgets that help us prepare and cook food. Technology in the kitchen is booming and not showing any signs of a slowdown.

Looking to lift your own cooking to another level, but do not have time to attend a culinary convention? Or perhaps you’re only looking to create preparing the evening meal somewhat less time-intensive? Or streamlining coming excursions the grocery shop? No matter, there is a gadget for all that.

Anova Sous Vide

Sous Vide, the practice of cooking meals in a loaf and putting it in warm water or steamer, has seen its popularity burst in the last few years. And no sous vide machine was widely praised as Anova’s. The $149 apparatus heats a kettle of water into some pre-set temperature so it is possible to cook food that is vacuum-sealed in a plastic pouch. The outcome is the ideal beef, lobster or nearly any other dish each moment.

Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker using WeMo

Slow cookers are a popular tool for households for years. However, the accession of WeMo technology has made them more suitable. Running late or will be home much sooner than anticipated? Currently, using this apparatus, you can turn the temperature down or up (or turn off the device) liberally using your smartphone. You could even track the progress of your meal and let folks know when it is ready, even when you’re not there. It is spacious and functional meaning there is lots of space to cook pretty much any dish.

Philips Airfryer

We might love the taste of foods that are fried, but our waistlines and

health are not so mad about them. Philips takes many of the guilt from this procedure for this $250 gadget which replicates a deep fryer using only a teaspoon of oil plus a great deal of warm air. It cooks food quickly and evenly and will provide you that pinch you crave, with no excess calories and fat. Enjoy fries that are perfectly cooked and crispy without having to deep fry.

Samsung FamilyHub Smart Fridge

Samsung’s new line of refrigerators have a good deal of nifty functions and buttons, but what is remarkable is that they do not appear to be useless additions. The camera which takes a photo of this fridge’s contents each time the door is shut? That may come in handy once you’re in the shop. Alerts when a food thing was in there long enough to really go bad? Excellent. Along with the built-in touchscreen provides recipe ideas, streams music, and will allow you to automatically reorder food due to a partnership with MasterCard. It is a powerful argument for the web of items and the smart home. Not only does it take care of your fresh food, it looks stunning and impressive standing in your kitchen.


Want to become a super parent the morning after your child has a sleepover? This $363 food printer will draw some perfectly customised pancakes that can make you the talk of your area. Input the picture/design you need (which could vary from a character into an animal into an emblem), pour the batter into the jar and see it go to work. Yeah, it may be a luxury item, but it is going to entice your social circle to come around and witness this breakfast menu in action.