Augmented Reality and Tech Upgrades Around the House


Helping your Builder

Apple has made creating floor plans as easy as clicking a button. The technology giant partnered with an Austin, Texas-based software company to make PLNAR, the first app to make floor plans with augmented reality. This app launched together with the latest iOS 11 software upgrade this week.

PLNAR was developed by software-as-a-service firm SmartPicture Technologies using Apple’s augmented reality tool, which is known as ARKit. With PLNAR, they built an AR experience which makes it effortless for the individual user to practically measure any room with just an iPhone, while also giving flooring providers, insurance, interior design and home renovation professionals an interactive tool to improve efficiency and revenue.

PLNAR aims to make the process of creating floor plans much quicker and more efficient for house extension builders by cutting out the need to manually measure and record room dimensions. Rather, users may mark the space outline in addition to any crucial structures such as doorways, windows or columns. The program will then create an electronic report that includes

calculations, visuals and even material details. When the report has been made, users can easily export to PDF and discuss with anyone regarding the project, including builders, retailers, insurance brokers and sellers.

The program is available on iPhone 6S and higher. International design company Unispace recently delivered a similar technology aimed to blur the lines between the design and construction stages of a project. The firm produced a platform named UniBIM, which builds both a 2D floor plan based on customer requirements, whether for 2nd storey additions or single storey, and then a 3D virtual walkthrough of this space. Doing this cuts down on the need for multiple trips back to the area so as to remeasure.

Helping Yourself

These technological innovations are not only helpful for the builders of your home but for you yourself. Nowadays it seems everything in life is smart. Your telephone, your watch, your vehicle along with a countless number of items that you use every day intended to make your life easier. Where consumers might not see another immediate need for technology is in the restroom, for example, but that’s going to change.

Your shower is typically used in one of two ways: either getting ready for the day or for relaxation at night. Many homeowners are improving this experience with steam, music, lights and controls to provide a fully sensory experience. Installing water-resistant speakers equipped with Bluetooth technology will provide the finest in audio, an aromatherapy reservoir lets you personalize with your favourite scent, automated cleaning attributes will keep your shower pristine constantly and steam attributes, which do need a particular set of steam doors, can provide you a spa-like feel.

There are also a wealth of options in chromatherapy, which is the use of colour’s unique qualities to help your body and mind relax or be energized. Installing side or overhead lighting which has chromatherapy capacities will deliver colours in a 1 minute, repeating sequence or hold on a colour that meets your requirements. Another shower technology update that we can see actually taking off is your body dryer. Eliminating the need for towels and providing instant warm, gentle atmosphere, installing a body drier can be a wonderful option, especially for anyone who have mobility difficulties.

Say sayonara to the usual toilet and the traditional emergency plumber because we’re seeing increased interest for washlets with programmable settings which are Wi-Fi-enabled. The washlet, which often can be controlled remotely, features adjustable water temperature and volume, hot air drying with three unique configurations, an automatic air deodorizer and an antibacterial chair, taking the conventional bathroom experience to another level.

As one of the very functional rooms in your home, maximizing the efficiency in your toilet is essential. Hiring a drainage plumber from Melbourne to install extra power distribution in drawers, mirrors and where you might require a plug is useful, but for people that are tracking their health closely, you will find ways technology can help there, too. Wise scales, which more often than not match with your exercise tracker, can make it much easier to monitor your weight, body fat, bone density and water percentage on your system. Data may also be shared automatically with other family members or physicians who might need daily updates.

These thoughts are just a sampling of just how far tech can take your home and we are confident that this trend of tech is only going to continue to progress.